Spare parts are a world without limits.

Germany is the country of origin of vehicles and equipment, considering that Carl Benz and Nicholas Otto were the first to develop the self-combustion engine in the seventies. This design is a major model for most of the engines currently used. The automotive industry is one of the most competitive sectors in the world and German innovations make the nation lead this sector since the seventies. It is known that cars are manufactured in several stages and in partnership between different companies that manufacture certain parts and assemble these parts to become a car, lorry or engineering equipment The quality of the German spare parts, which are based on the experience and the latest technologies in the world, must be always maintained according to the manufacturer’s advice for these motor vehicles.

Schamzgroup provides you with vast experience in importing and exporting original spare parts, new and used ones, refurbished and secured for all types of heavy equipment, construction equipment, lorries and everyday vehicles at competitive prices

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